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“Thank you so very much for this web site. I was really struggling to meet my financial obligations and still eat and buy my medicine. The information I have received from this site has certainly helped me.”

“Many of the programs you led me to have already 'kicked in' and saved me in several ways. I did not meet one person along the way that didn't let me retain my dignity as I sought their help. It is not easy in the elder years to do this. Your site helped me to have confidence that I could do this.”

“Your website is comprehensive enough to take into consideration one's entire situation, including income vs. medical expenses. I was expecting maybe one or two resources to be available to me. I was shocked that 15 showed up.”

“I have an elderly father-in-law who moved in with us and I am helping him find employment as well as resources like food stamps that he may be eligible for. I am also helping my 87-year-old dad locate housing and home care options. BenefitsCheckUp was easy to navigate, and I found so many resources I did not know about. It's great for me because my elders are relying on me for information.”

“Thank you for your in-depth report and for the suggestions of potential help from other sources. I have a lot of options to explore, when a couple of hours ago, I had none!”

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